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Paperless background and crew. In office and on set.

Whether you're on the A.D. team or in the production office, benefit from paperless and real-time reporting features of our desktop and On Set Apps.

Save time and get better results

  • Paperless Background

    There’s enough going on during a shoot to worry about extras. Castifi provides professional actors, vetted through reviews. Our extras work hard to earn their good rating. We take care of the I9s, W4s, and release forms for you ahead of the production. At wrap, we deliver a folder containing all signed documents.

    Castifi Extras use our mobile app to report their times, so you won’t have to use vouchers or timecards. Your production staff can easily dispute times, clock-ins, and add bumps through our mobile-friendly web app. At the end of the day, generate an extras’ breakdown and a payroll report. Once approved by your staff, process payments in one-click via the payroll company of your choice.

  • Real-Time Skins

    Last minute changes are a part of every production. PDF skins are great but they don’t change once printed. Our “On-set” app shows you who is on set at all times, and provides you with contact information, additional pictures and much, much more.

  • Running Late

    When your talent is stuck in a traffic jam at 7am, be the first to know with our “Running Late” feature. With the push of a button, Cast & Crew can safely and easily let you know their ETA.

  • MPV & NDBs

    Entertainment rules are complex. And at the end of the day, it’s easy to miss a detail or forget a meal penalty.

    Our platform lets you enter all types of meal breaks, including Grace and Non-Deductible Breakfasts. From there, we calculate wages and include meal penalties where they apply. No more squinting at the back of your production reports for zeros and ones!

  • SAG-AFTRA Rules

    Not all producers have years of experience dealing with unions. Looking up the dollar value of a pet bump on a specific contract can be a challenge that you don’t need to solve while in the middle of a project.

    When you add bumps to your cast on Castifi, we calculate the right amount every time. Our software also helps you track how many SAG-AFTRA actors have been booked, and always uses the right language to differentiate an availability request from an official booking.

  • Taft Hartley

    When you need to upgrade a non-union extra, we make it easy for you. In one click, you can change the way an actor’s payroll is calculated.

    And with our automated taft hartley form, you can generate a pdf form with the performer’s information already filled in. Just choose the reason for the taft hartley from a drop-down menu (or type it in) and you are done!

  • Auto Wrap Reports

    When your cast & crew submit their times, you have all the information you need to generate wrap reports. Whether it’s a background breakdown, a production report or a payroll edit, Castifi’s report tool lets you export any document anytime.

    The days of waiting for your payroll company to process the job or inputing times into a spreadsheet in the middle of the night are over! In addition, Castifi can custom make any report that your product uses. Just send us the template and we’ll recreate it with our proprietary software.

  • Back of PR Export

    No one looks forward to waiting for each department to wrap, or collecting daily time sheets. With Castifi, your crew’s daily times are entered by each freelancer and feed into the back of your Production Report without any manual input. In a couple of clicks, you can send your production office all the information they need to go to bed with the assurance that you ran a successful set.
  • Mass Messaging

    Last minute parking change or super awesome crafty snacks coming out of the oven? Whether it’s vital information or just handy, our platform lets you send text messages and emails to your cast & crew. And as everything else with Castifi, you can do this directly from your phone.

Castifi On Set makes managing people easy

  1. View your Cast List

    You'll see their name, photo, union status, and contact info.

  2. Select to Clock In

    You'll be prompted to clock in at call time, or at a custom time.

  3. See who's Running Late and their ETA

  4. Add Pay Bumps and Mileage

    No need to check who's SAG or non-union. Rules automatically applied.

  5. Clock out and Generate your Breakdown

    Once wrapped, click one button to see your Extras Breakdown for the day.

You can do a lot with Castifi onboarding.
But here are some things you won’t be doing:

Checking I-9s.

With our powerful digital document tools, you'll be sending all your forms in seconds, with real-time status updates of when the form is filled out.


Chasing Paperwork.

Our integrated payroll system makes it so that you'll never have to worry about chasing someone down for payroll again.


Counting Vouchers.

Castifi is mobile-friendly. Go ahead and get casting on the go. You'll never look back.


Losing Sleep.

No more worrying about who will handle payroll for your talent. We've baked it in, making it easy for you, the talent, and your customers.

  • “As a producer of more than 25 movies and TV series, I’ve been incredibly impressed with Castifi’s proprietary technology for casting, tracking and payroll processes.”
    Rich Hull
    Executive Producer - She's All That

You're in good company.

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