CBS Television Studios

Seal Team, Season 2

The Challenge

Seal Team is a highly ambitious TV episodic. Each episode takes place in a new location: Africa, the Middle-East, South Asia, the name it, they have it. This called for large crowds of specific ethnicities.

Where some shows mostly hire passers-by or college students for their background crowd, CBS Studios was also looking for people with specific skills, from military to medical.

No matter how big your show is, your budget is always too small. Seal Team showcases ultra-realistic situations, calling for vintage vehicles and uniforms. Thinking outside the box to reduce costs was a must, especially when an extremely rainy winter hit Los Angeles, forcing last-minute schedule changes.

Big Stories

a location per episode

Skilled Labor

extras with experience

Budget Limitations

looking for large scale cost savings

Fast Pace

frequent schedule changes

Our Solution

Given the scope of the show, the first measure we took was to provide an on-set Casting Director. Traditional extras companies don’t provide this service as it isn’t cost-efficient. Because Castifi is able to cut down on internal processes through technology, we were able to allocate funds to hire additional staff, providing key in-person support where it mattered the most. A daily face to face discussion with the AD or Wardrobe department goes a long way!

As diverse as Los Angeles is, some ethnicities are still underrepresented. To be able to provide over a hundred extras of a specific ethnicity on a single day, we ran digital advertising campaigns on social media ahead of each episode, prompting actors to register to a “General” role.

In addition, we partnered with Veteran in Media Entertainment to supply actors with combat experience. Their knowledge of military wardrobe and operations saved time and money for everyone on-set, proving to be a win-win for production and Veterans looking to transition into a new career.

Finally, we used our “custom questions” features, which allows casting directors who use our platform to insert questions into a standard availability request. Without using external tools or follow up emails, we were able to ask actors as they applied for a role if they had niche skills (i.e. medical experience) or owned vehicles of specific makes and years.

Digital Advertising

levering social media

Boots on the Ground

providing on-set support


making mutually beneficial partnerships


custom features save time and money


Performers Hired

Including veterans, medics and actors from countries that stories were taking place in to act as wardrobe consultants.


IMDB Rating

Seal Team Season 2, despite its ambitious goals and limited budget, received acclaim from both critics and the audience.

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