Red Lobster x NowThis Media

#Lobsterworthy with Tyrese Gibson

The Challenge

Chances are you’ve seen a NowThis video on your social media feeds. When NowThis teamed up with the Red Lobster brand to create content featuring Tyrese Gibson, they chose LA’s iconic Venice Beach Boardwalk as the setting. In order to bring authenticity to the shoot and recreate Venice’s vibrant, diverse community, NowThis needed to fill 25 different roles - including many unique personas like Bucket Drummers, Tai Chi Gurus, Bodybuilders, Harajukus, Trendy Hijabis, all roles as varied as Venice itself - all with only 48 hours before filming began. Due to a scheduling conflict with the principal talent, the shoot was pushed back on short notice.

Special Skills Casting

from bucket drummers to fire breathers

Multiple Locations

managing talent on two different sets

Schedule Change

needed prompt, easy communication

Very Unique Roles

everything from harajukus to hijabis

Our Solution

To streamline operations and track down unique personalities, NowThis brought on Castifi. With an active database of thousands of performers nationwide, Castifi leveraged its deep connections in the acting community to cast the best people for each role. To ensure realism on the shoot, we also visited Venice Beach to identify real people on the street who could participate too.

After many hours of reviewing video submissions, social media profiles, and reels, we were able to provide perfect matches for all of the specialized roles that NowThis needed. With only five days to cast the shoot, we relied on our strong talent database, quick notifications, and easy to use app to pull through for us. Plus, we needed to compile a strong standby list for each role, just in case someone couldn't make it on the day of. After a successful wrap, NowThis has continued to leverage Castifi’s unparalleled service and flexibility for future shoots.

Large Talent Pool

thousands of talent and organized data

Location Management

add multiple sets to one shoot day

Custom App Notifications

allows us to send push, text & emails

Standby Lists

always ensure backups are ready



With the help of our vetted talent database, we had ZERO no shows or cancellations on the day of the shoot. The producers were thrilled.

16 Mil+

Video Views

he video was a major success. For just one of the several cuts, they received over 3.8 million views, 27k Likes, and >1k shares. Talk about viral.

  • The team at Castifi understands that background actors are key to fleshing out a good film, and they bring amazing energy to the process. Working with Castifi has saved me a ton of time without sacrificing quality.
    Jay Zabriskie
    1st Assistant Director -- NowThis Media

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