Ignite Cannabis Co.

Million Dollar Spokesmodel Search

The Challenge

How would you like a job that pays $100,000/year, sends you traveling to the best party spots and gives you access to amazing events? Does this sound a little too good? Well, this is what Ignite.co, a cannabis brand, offered to their next 10 Brand Ambassadors.

With such an amazing hiring package, Ignite expected a large volume of submissions. They would need a platform to receive applications over time, the means to schedule interviews and make the final hires.

Nationwide Search

BAs could apply from anywhere

Large Volume

great pay means numerous applicants

Unique Needs

Specific features to design

Ongoing process

applications were opened for 6 months

Our Solution

Castifi was built to address issues specific to large crowds. But with Ignite’s Brand Ambassador search, we had to get back to work to create the right tool. We designed a public-facing application form and a “pre-boarding gallery” to manage submissions quickly and easily.

Over a period of 6 months, more than 2,700 people submitted for the job. It soon became obvious that there was an opportunity to hire more than just 10 brand ambassadors. We added custom code to the “pre-boarding gallery” so that in addition to moving applicants through rounds of selections, Ignite’s in-house staff could also segment users into various positions other than Brand Ambassadors.

Ignite is now using the same tool that we work with on the day to day to send availability requests, hire, and track their freelancers’ pool. And because Ignite is always looking ahead, they are now converting their database into a fully-fledged Model Agency.

Custom code

allowed Ignite to get more value


our dashboard provides key metrics

Easy Scheduling

query users for their availability


re-use talent for new opportunities



Our social media campaign reached a large audience. Our custom tools helped find the perfect match.



1 year after launching the BA search, Ignite is now using the Castifi platform to manage their own staffing agency.

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