Photo Guide

One of the keys to getting more jobs on Castifi is having standardized pictures. Casting Directors for Background jobs do not need "good" pictures. Rather, they want something that shows what you truly look like.

We ask that you provide 4 pictures:


Portrait Photo


Full Body - Casual


Full Body - Business Attire


Full Body - Costume

How to take portrait pictures:

  1. Find a plain wall next to a large window.
  2. Position yourself a few inches from the wall. Turn your shoulders slightly towards the window for a more even lighting. If the light is too harsh, add a diffuser near the window such as a thin curtain or bedsheet.
  3. The photographer (a friend with a phone works!) should be about 2 feet away from you. They should hold the phone at neck height.
  4. The bottom of the frame should be your chest. The top should be slightly above your head.

How to take full body pictures:

  1. Have the photographer step a few steps back. We found that standing 5 feet away from the subject worked well.
  2. Frame the picture from the ankles to the top of the subject's head.