Men's Measurement Guide

Accurate measurements can land you more jobs. Casting Directors often search for body doubles. In addition to height and weight, they will search for pants, shirt, shoe size...

It's also very common for actors whose sizes are accurate to be booked more since they don't need to go through fittings, which are costly and time-consuming.

Measuring Tape

First, you will need to acquire measuring tape. You can purchase some online (Amazon) or at your local store, such as CVS pharmacy.

It is possible to take your measurements without this tool, but more difficult. See these instructions for that.


Grab the pair of pants that fits you the best from your closet. On the label, the first number is the Width (W), the second number is the length (L or "inseam").


This measurement is taken around the neck with the measuring tape resting on your shoulders. Put one finger between the tape and skin if you would like some extra space in your fitting.

Shoulder to Shoulder

The shoulder width is measured from armpit to armpit. However, you should pull the middle part of the tape a little bit above your initial recording spot up to your shoulder height creating a slight arc with the tape.



The chest measurement is recorded at the widest point. Do not stiff up, instead, stand in a relaxed manner and breathe out.


The sleeve length is recorded from where you recorded the shoulder width down to where you want your sleeve to end. Even more, while recording this measurement, slightly bend your arm.

Nape to Waist

Nape to waist is measured by recording from the top of your back and the center of your neck down to where it meets your waist. 

Nape to Floor

Similar to nape to waist, start by recording from the top and center of your back down towards the floor.


The hip measurement is taken as a circumference measurement around your hips at the widest part.


Measure your outseam by measuring from the top of your wrist band to the desired length down the side of your leg.


With your socks on, trace the base of your foot on a piece of paper or other material. You can then use the measuring tape to measure the length and width of your shoe. Or, grab your favorite pair of shoes and look at the label!


To measure hat size, place the measuring tape around your head. Try to place it around an eight (⅛) of an inch above your ears. If your measurement happens to fall between two sizes, choose the largest one. *Sizing table at the bottom of the page*



Measure the circumference around the palm of your hand. If your measurement happens to fall between two sizes, choose the largest one. *Sizing table at the bottom of the page*



You can print some printable ring sizers. If not, cut a piece of string or paper and wrap it around your finger at the base of the knuckle. Mark where the ends overlap and lay it flat to later on measure in mm. If your measurement happens to fall between two sizes, choose the largest one.



Hat Sizing

Head Size6 ⅞ - 77 ⅛ - 7 ¼ 7 ⅜ - 7 ½ 7 ⅝ - 7 ¾ 7 ⅞ - 8
In.22 ⅛ - 22 ½ 22 ⅞ - 23 ¼ 23 ⅜ - 2424 ⅜ - 24 ¾ 25 ½ +

Glove Sizes (men)

7 in.
7 ½ - 8 in.
8 ½ - 9 in.
9 ½ - 10 in.
10 ½ - 11 in.
11 ½ - 12 in.
18 cm
20 cm
23 cm
25 cm
28 cm
30 cm

Ring Sizing

Measurement52 mm55 mm 57 mm59 mm62 mm 65 mm