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In this business, networking is key. But how are you supposed to perfect your craft if you're constantly looking for work? Castifi is the preferred way producers and studios staff up quickly for projects. This means you get more work, more often.

Apply Your Craft

Castifi is used across all types of events, all of which are looking for freelance crew members to bring their project to life.

We Keep It Simple

We've made it easy to find and manage great work that fits into your schedule.

Find Jobs You Love

Receive availability requests and simply book through your phone. You'll receive digital contracts and up-to-the-minute notifications.

At Rates You Choose

Rates range up to hundreds of dollars per hour. Because we offer a diverse range of jobs, both 1099 and W2, it's easy to earn that extra cash you're looking for.

The Fit Your Schedule

Whether main time gig, or you're just looking for side work, there's plenty of opportunities that fit your needs.

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Designed for Freelancers

We've designed our app to ensure you are compliant as a freelancer, no matter if you are booked as 1099 or W2. Rest assured you'll get your proper tax documents at the end of each year.

Best of all, by using Castifi you can receive your payment as a direct deposit, and have all your needed documents already filled in and ready to go for your next job.


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    Sign up for an account, create your profile, and add media. You'll start getting in front of hiring producers immediately.

  2. We Match You to Jobs

    Receive availability requests for jobs that fit your criteria, directly from casting directors and productions companies.

  3. Get Hired and Paid

    We handle everything from finding you a job to making sure you receive proper compensation for your work on time.

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