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Book hundreds of background actors in a snap.

The industry's leading end-to-end background actor booking system. With Castifi, you can get out of spreadsheets and emails and focus on creating the best scene. Free for Casting Directors.

  • Custom Applications

    When you create a role on Castifi, we automatically generate a link that you can paste anywhere, directing actors to an application page. This way, if you current database doesn’t have what you’re looking for, you can advertise easily without having to manually type the job details again.

  • Preboarding Gallery

    When you are running a wide scale talent search, use our “Preboarding Gallery” to filter applicants before they even sign up. You can sort submissions by role, move them through rounds, and finally, trigger an onboarding email prompting them to complete their profile to join your database.

  • Background Checks

    Working with random strangers doesn’t mean you should sacrifice safety. Castifi provides background checks for production companies that work with sensitive talent, minors, or just anyone that wants total peace of mind.

  • Search Tools

    Need to backfill a spot at the last minute? Our search module also allows you to find users based on their location, down to the mile. Your odds of booking someone at 6am are a lot higher if they live 2 blocks from your set!

  • event_available

    Availability Checks

    No more calling boxes and mass emails. Send availability requests from your project in a single click. Users receive the basic details of the job, and are able to mark themselves available in seconds. You get the list of available actors in real-time in your project and in your gallery.

  • Autopilot Sourcing

    When you input the details of a role, our software gets everything it needs to find matching actors in your database. Just specify how many people you’re looking for and the ethnicity ratio you want to work with. Castifi reaches out to actors automatically from there.Currently in beta testing.

  • Client Gallery

    When you need to present your company to your clients, you don’t send them a pdf file. You show them your website. We believe that the same concept applies to casting.With our interactive gallery, clients can view actor’s profiles and make their selects. Plus, you get notified the moment that they choose an actor, removing the need for unnecessary emails and saving you crucial minutes as deadlines loom.

  • textsms

    Mass Messaging

    Last minute schedule change? Need to find someone who can drive a vintage motorcycle within your cast? Whether it’s vital information or just handy, our platform lets you send text messages and emails to your cast with a simple click. And as everything else with Castifi, you can do this directly from your phone.

  • assignment

    Diverse Reporting

    When you are running a wide scale talent search, use our “Preboarding Gallery” to filter applicants before they even sign up. You can sort submissions by role, move them through rounds, and finally, trigger an onboarding email prompting them to complete their profile to join your database.

  • looks_5

    Ratings and Reviews

    When you manage thousands of actors, it’s difficult to remember who performed well or who didn’t bring enough wardrobe options. Just like your Uber Driver, our extras work hard to earn their good rating. For every job, Castifi lets your staff rate and review the actors that worked on set, allowing you to hire the right person every time.

Castifi is as simple as background casting gets

Image Access a network of over 25,000 people.

  1. Project setup is a breeze

    Enter your project details and role requirements.

  2. Send availability checks to talent

    Actors will be notified through SMS and email about your project.

  3. Let your clients make their selects

    Using our gallery, you'll be notified when your client makes their selects. Or send via PDF.

  4. Booking confirmations are simple

    Your selected actors will sign their contract as they confirm their booking.

  5. Sit back and relax

    With digital forms, time tracking and integrated payroll, you can rest assured your talent will be paid on time and accurately.

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You can do a lot with Castifi's casting tools.
But here are some things you won’t be doing:


Manually filling out forms.

With our powerful digital document tools, you'll be sending all your forms in seconds, with real-time status updates of when the form is filled out.


Collecting paperwork.

Our integrated payroll system makes it so that you'll never have to worry about chasing someone down for payroll again.


Sitting at your desk.

Castifi is mobile-friendly. Go ahead and get casting on the go. You'll never look back.


Worrying about payroll.

No more worrying about who will handle payroll for your talent. We've baked it in, making it easy for you, the talent, and your customers.

  • This was a tough project as the shoot was in Pismo Beach, CA. We needed 40 young/hip actors within 2 days. Castifi came on and showed the Director a gallery of over 150 great options within 24 hours.
    Isaac Rubio
    Production Manager -- Rojas Vision

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