Cancellations Policy

Castifi's goal has always been to simplify the booking process for freelancers and production companies. Every day, we implement new technology to facilitate this. But sometimes, it's about more than that.

Last minute cancellations have tremendous ripple effects on productions. Losing their trust means losing their business, which in turns means less work for all of Castifi's users.

Strike 1

Official Warning
Strike expires after 6 months

Strike 2

2-weeks account suspension
Strike expires after 6 months

Strike 3

Permanent Account suspension

4:30 PM

Similarly to SAG-AFTRA regulation, canceling a booking after 4:30 PM without a valid reason will count as a strike.


Citing a recall must provide the following within 3 business days:
► 2 matching vouchers

Proof Required


Citing a medical emergency with providing the following within 3 business days will count as a strike:
► Doctor's note or Hospital parking ticket

Proof Required


Citing a Transportation issue without providing the following within 3 business days will count as a strike:
► Picture of damaged vehicle or Tow invoice
► Screenshot of Public Transportation outage notice

Proof Required


Getting a chance to book a principal role is something we wish for all our users. However, unless you provide the following, we will hold it against you:
► Email or Text chain with audition details

Proof Required


Family emergencies happen. In this situation, we won't ask you for proof but you are welcome to provide one.


Rating System

In addition, Castifi has now implemented a review system for producers and casting directors. Reviews directly influence your user score, which affects when you appear in search results on Castifi.

Producers and casting directors can only review performers in the context of a specific job, and these reviews are not visible by other users.


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