This week’s #castified winner is Marina Kanafsky! Following her appearance on Seal Team’s episode 2×22, she uploaded a picture of herself (on national TV!) to social media, earning her some Castifi Swag and a few other goodies!

Don’t let her soft looks fool you. Marina Kanafsky has earned her place in Los Angeles the hard way: by packing her belonging in a car and hitting the road! Many people want to switch careers but never take that leap of faith. In a way, Marina didn’t take the leap but just…stumbled off the edge. And it worked just as well!


Where are you from?

I grew up between Los Angeles and Carmel, California, spending about half my childhood back and forth between both places. Most recently I spent about 8 years living in Las Vegas and once my son came home from the airforce and was settled in his life I decided it was time to start living mine. I downsized from a 2 bedroom apartment to what would fit in my car and hit the road to LA which has always been home and I’m loving every single minute of living here.

Actress in Costume

What appealed to you about acting?

Funny thing is I never intended to be an actor. The running joke is that I tripped and fell into it but the truth is I was pushed. After traveling through Asia and Europe for 5 months I came home and needed to get a job but had decided I would rather gouge my own eyes out than go back into the field I had been for the past 20 years so my friend hired me to run lines with her and help her with her self tapes. After our first day working together she strongly encouraged me to consider acting as a career and basically bugged me about it for 3 weeks until I finally caved. I never knew how passionate I was about acting until I got thrown into it and I’m forever grateful to her as I have just recently realized that I love my job so much even if I won the lottery I would still continue to act.

Marina on Castifi

What made you sign up for Castifi?

I met a fellow actor on set who recommended I sign up with Castifi and I’m so glad I did. I have done such a variety of different projects including foreign films, indie films, commercials and of course tv shows like seal team but the one constant is that every project I have worked on has been a wonderful experience. The production teams are always super kind and professional so I always look forward to working on any project through Castifi. One time I even got upgraded from general background to a speaking role on one of the films I did which was so much fun. I think that was my favorite project to date.

Castified Actor on Castifi Platform


How was your experience on Seal Team?

Castifi Female Actress

What can I say other than I love working on Seal Team. The crew is amazing and extremely professional and I know even before I get on set that I’m gonna have a great day. I’ve gotta give a shout out to Kevin, one of the PA’s, who’s always looking out for all of us when we’re there and makes the time fly by on those long days. A lot of times in this industry you see the same faces day in and day out but never have any kind of real personal interaction with them and it’s always nice when you can come on set and look forward to the people you are working with.

What are your thoughts on the show?

I love how Seal Team takes you into the real life situations that our brave men and women who serve this country endure every single day. I’ve known many people who have served and are serving our country and it is nice to finally see these struggles that are not often talked about coming to light. Thanks to Seal Team the average person can understand what the term “The land of the free and the home of the brave” truly means. And of course, I cannot go without saying thank you to those veterans and active duty men and women who go above and beyond to make that statement true.

Castified Actor on Castifi Platform

What advice would you give to aspiring models and actors?

The advice I would give to aspiring models and actors is to just keep moving forward. Being in this industry is a hustle always, so keep hustling. Put yourself out there on as many platforms as possible and keep putting one foot in front of the other. This job is just like being in sales. If one thing doesn’t work out something else will. Show up on time if not early (my preference) and always be professional as this is a job. Ok, it may be the coolest, most fun job in the world but it is still a job so treat it as such. Last but not least and possibly the most important, be kind to everyone you meet. It can get stressful on set sometimes but no matter what is going on around you treat everyone with kindness, dignity and respect it will always come back to you tenfold and will make the experience a much more pleasant one for everyone involved. Now get out there and break a leg!