This week’s #castified winner is Marcio Brolezi ! Following his appearance on Seal Team’s episode 2×16, he uploaded a picture of himself (on national TV!) to social media, earning her some Castifi Swag and a few other goodies!

Marcio always dreamed of starting a career in acting. By using the Castifi app, he was able to book a recurring spot on “Seal Team” and is hoping to get a bigger role on the show by working hard as a background actor and gaining more trust from the director.

Marcio Brolezi

Where are you from?

My family roots are from Italy but I was born and raised in Brazil. I was drawn to acting since I was a little kid. I would watch my favorite movies and shows and would always reenact them, repeating the lines and acting them out with friends, always dreaming of one day be part of that magic! That’s how I learned English, from watching TV and movies.

Besides being part of the drama club at my school since 5th grade, I took theater and drama classes on top of cinema and television and performed during my college years, which actually got me a scholarship for my 4-year communication degree. I always loved the creative process not only in acting itself but in all the other departments involved in a movie or TV show.

Years later, I married to a Los Angeles native and thought that if I wanted to give a shot at an acting career, Los Angeles would be the place to do it! Now here I am: living the dream, pursuing my career as an actor and working constantly on my Travel/Fun Vlog.

What made you sign up for Castifi?

I signed up with Castifi after hearing good things about the platform, and was even more curious when I found out that “Seal Team” was cast through it! My experience has been great; I find that the app has everything we need to get booked on a job! I love Castifi and always tell my fellow actor friends to download the app and register for work!

DEVGRU Marcio!

You’re a regular on Seal Team (and you’ve played so many different roles), can you tell me about your experience on the show?

I’ve played many roles: Doctor, Pakistani Police Officer, and finally DEVGRU! 
The Doctor is always fun, you get that rush and urgency that comes with a role that is designed to save lives!
The Pakistani Police Officer was a very interesting role to play, as it gave the perspective of “the other side” of this amazing story we follow on Seal Team!
But still, my favorite role to play here is DevGru for the simple fact that I am part of the team, I am helping saving people, catch bad guys and even avoid bigger conflicts leading to war.

No matter the role, The Cast and Crew are always so professional, respectful and fun to work with!

What makes you most excited about the series?

This is such a great series with amazing storytelling that shows: not only the bravery and courage but also the soul and the heart of each character….. Can’t wait to see where these stories will go! Ideally, it would have my character saying a few lines and interacting with the amazing main characters on the show here and there!

What advice would you give aspiring actors?

Anything can happen! Anything! Believe in Yourself! Work hard, take classes to always better yourself, be respectful, make the most of your opportunities and have fun with it!

Be kind! You will find all types of people in this business, regardless… be kind!