Frank Kouri is this week’s #castified winner. Following his appearance on Seal Team’s episode 2×13, he uploaded a picture of himself (on national TV!) to social media, earning her some Castifi Swag and a few other goodies!

Frank is the embodiment of Los Angeles’ acting spirit. Chasing his dreams with nothing in his pockets, and making it by the sheer strength of his willpower. We wish Frank to get everything that he has set his mind to.

Where are you from?

I moved to Los Angeles from Iowa 3 years ago when I was 28 to pursue my dream of breaking into the film business. I left my girlfriend of 4 years, packed up and drove here without knowing a soul. I didn’t have any money or a job, just my car. I pitched a tent in the desert on the way.

When I got to LA, I initially got a job waiting tables and moved into a small apartment. When that fell apart I was couch surfing for a couple of months, until I found another job. From there I got a new place a developed a routine that made time for auditions.

What appealed to you about acting?

I fell in love with acting at a very young age. When growing up in Iowa I was pretty much raised by my VHS player. Renting movies from the rental store down the street became a hobby and a passion. I enjoy playing different personalities and it doesn’t really seem like work because it’s fun.

What made you sign up for Castifi?

For those who aren’t familiar, Castifi (IOS / Android) is an app where you can book gigs by simply uploading your headshots and details. Castifi is better than central casting or other call-in services because they will contact you if you fit what someone is looking for. It’s another great way for actors to get their face out there. Back in October, I booked a gig with Warner Brothers through them.

Tell me about the experience working with Castifi

It was great being on the set of a prime time network show where you can really see the work that goes into making it happen. It’s also a tremendous way to network and meet other actors and filmmakers.

Tell me more about the shoot you finished with Seal Team

During the scene in which I was featured, I was paying attention to the director Christopher Chulack as he was having me stand by the control board during an argument between the [Submarine] Captain and the main character Jason (David Boreanaz). In order to make the scene work, we had to move our attention to the argument at hand so I gave a very serious and intense stare at the Captain. The scene worked out great, and by the end, the director came up to me and slapped me on the shoulder saying that was a great look and was what he needed (I was hoping they would go with it because I knew the camera was on me and it happened!)

“Control Room Submariner” Frank Kouri reporting for duty

What are you most excited about for the series?

I’ve very excited about series being potentially around for many more seasons. Everyone back home in Iowa watches it. Hopefully, they will return to the submarine for another episode!

I think having the former military advisers on the show really helps with making it look authentic. I would like to see the show continue, sending the team to new environments and creating dramatic encounters with new dangers.

What advice would you give to aspiring models and actors?

Never give up and stick to the plan. Market yourself if no one else will. Go out, network, talk to people. Knock on doors and if 2–3 years go by and nothing, just keep knocking. Don’t ever give up.

Always have a day job until you are booking gigs on the regular. Never stop hustling and use every day to at least take one step into your craft👍🏻