It’s the start of a new year, and we hope at Castifi that you are focusing your effort on creating a positive change in your life.

On our end, we’ve decided to maintain our efforts to be a more humane casting service. It’s sometimes difficult as we deal with large numbers of people, and giving everyone the attention they deserve quickly becomes a challenge. But it’s also always rewarding.

Yesterday, we contacted all the background actors who worked on the most recent episodes of a few of our shows to let them know that the episode they played in had aired. We’re still receiving messages from people who are expressing their gratitude for what seems like such a small gesture. But as it turns out, this is something that is very seldom done in the industry:

Some people even sent us screenshots of their appearances. So in addition to what we’ve already done, we would like to show the world a few of the wonderful people that make our favorite shows look and feel real. Chances are that if they do their job right, you will never really notice or think about them after today. So without further ado, here are the actors that made our day!

Megan H. — “Spanish Businesswoman”

Mitra E. — “Family Parent”

Jennifer E. — “Passenger“

David P. — “British Army Lt General”

Stanton L. — “CIA Tactical agent”