Jonathan Arroyo, a rising actor in Los Angeles, CA

Dances, Friday night football games, and teenage angst — all key components of the average high school experience. For Jonathan Arroyo, high school was a time for experimentation, specifically in musical theater. Little did he know that auditioning for his first musical would usher him towards a life of acting, singing, and dancing. We caught up with Jonathon to hear more about his acting career and how Castifi has allowed him to explore his passion.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in San Pedro, CA. I’m a Los Angeles transplant.

Can you tell me about the favorite job you did with Castifi?

My favorite job I did with Castifi would probably have to the Nick Jonas “Find You” video, which was also my first job with Castifi. It was all the way in Pismo Beach, but I had a blast meeting new people and hanging out with Nick. The cast and crew were extremely friendly and catered to our needs whether we were hungry and they brought us food, or when we were cold and they brought us heaters.

A scene from the music video

What appealed to you about acting?

I did musical theatre in high school when I auditioned for my first musical, Pajama Game, and made it. Since then, I kept auditioning and eventually got lead roles. I discovered that I was good at acting but also passionate about it, and fell in love with the stage, acting, singing, and dancing. My teachers encouraged me to apply to theatre colleges and I ended up going for it and would have never believed I’d be where I am today, working with artists such as Nick Jonas, Demi Lovato, Marshmello, and Leslie Grace.

What made you sign up for Castifi?

My friend Renato told me about it. He’s worked with Castifi a lot and loves it because it is easy to use and he gets quality work consistently, without having to pay any fees. When I use Castifi, I’m never worried about the jobs I am getting because I know they are vetted and legitimate.

Jonathan Arroyo and Renato Shippee on set for “Find You” music video by Nick Jonas

What is your favorite part about working with Castifi?

Castifi is fun, flexible, and makes certain that the actors are taken care of when on set. Castifi also makes it super easy to just sign in and sign out once arriving on set — so simple! Also, I know I will always be paid, which is so important. I have not gotten paid for jobs I’ve gotten through other sites, so not only am I paying fees to get work from those casting sites, but I also don’t get paid. With Castifi, I know their work is legitimate and they will always make sure I get paid properly and timely!

What advice would you give to aspiring models and actors?

The advice I would give to aspiring models and actors would be to keep going and never give up. Although it’s not an easy career path, if you truly love doing it and it makes you happy, go for it and have fun.