With the explosion of digital content and streaming services, production companies need to cast and shoot their projects faster than ever before. This makes it even more important to hire a stellar casting vendor who can fulfill casting requests quickly and easily. So what exactly makes a good casting company?

Communication is key

When you make a casting request, the casting company needs to understand your vision: the appearances, characteristics, and personalities you are looking for in the context of the script. An experienced casting team will take the given information and instantly have a list of people in mind that will potentially fit the roles — and the best casting teams will trim the fat for you by providing only the best selections. The process doesn’t end there, however. Casting should be a conversation between the production and the casting company, and a casting company with great communication can make a world of difference in the production process.

A powerful network with powerful relationships

It makes sense that casting teams that have solid relationships with their talent are more likely to supply actors that are loyal, professional and experienced. It takes time and trust to build those lasting relationships, especially when competition in the industry is fierce. When it’s clear that talent trusts the casting company that connected them to the production, everything runs more smoothly.

Flexibility: not just for yogis

Good casting companies understand understand that setting up a great production is challenging and sometimes casting needs aren’t finalized until days before filming starts. Great companies are ready and able to adapt to the changes that often take place during pre-production. Often times the film must go a different direction and would need different roles in a short time. The best casting companies have solid databases and relationships to make rush castings happen, alleviating the stress of filling in background on short notice.

Castifi has it all

Communication, solid relationships, and flexibility: Castifi’s tech-enabled background casting service gets the job done. From years of experience working on short films, commercials, and web series, we understand and anticipate the needs of productions. Castifi makes it easier than ever to find, hire, manage, and pay the talent you need quickly and efficiently.