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A freelancer management platform and payroll software solution for the production industry.

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Why Castifi?

Does your crew live in a spreadsheet? On your phone? How much did you pay each person? Are you texting/emailing/calling people to rehire them?

Let Castifi help you be more efficient and organized while saving you time, money, and hassle.

15 hours per week

Amount of timed saved per week, on average, on administrative tasks when using Castifi.

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35K+ Cast & Crew Members

Nationwide network of verified union and non-union background actors and crew members on the Castifi platform.

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100% Paperless

Every aspect from sourcing to payroll is now digital when using Castifi helping you eliminate those massive stacks of paper.

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  • “As a producer of more than 25 movies and TV series, I’ve been incredibly impressed with Castifi’s proprietary technology for casting, tracking and payroll processes.”
    Rich Hull
    Executive Producer - She's All That
  • This was a tough project as the shoot was in Pismo Beach, CA. We needed 40 young/hip actors within 2 days. Castifi came on and showed the Director a gallery of over 150 great options within 24 hours.
    Isaac Rubio
    Production Manager -- Rojas Vision
  • The team at Castifi understands that background actors are key to fleshing out a good film, and they bring amazing energy to the process. Working with Castifi has saved me a ton of time without sacrificing quality.
    Jay Zabriskie
    1st Assistant Director -- NowThis Media
  • Castifi's On Set app made it easy for our team to manage our extras, especially on a day where we had 85 people. The crew saved tons of time and loved not having to deal with paperwork.
    Nick Sala
    Production Coordinator - CBS, "No Activity" Season 1
  • I booked a job as stand-in for a series, and on the last day of filming, I got a part! That finally made me SAG Eligible. That was a major turning point in my career.
    Isaac G.
    Miami, FL
  • Other casting networks use complicated voicemail systems that are time-consuming and tedious, but Castifi's app is straightforward, convenient and easy to use.
    Carina C.
    Los Angeles, CA

 Quicker payouts & direct deposit

Time cards and scheduling

Talent casting and  management

Digitally kept records

Easy review and rehire

Digital start paperwork